PortalPhone Rss/Feed Community
Rss/Feed appliaction
A fun way to use rss
Enjoy your spare time and keep updated
on what's going on - if you're going
by train or bus, sitting on a hammock,
or want to pass the time during a
boring meeting .... (;

PortalPhone is an rss community application.
Displaying content from many reputed sites and blogs.
    How does it work?
  • Users add the content themselves
  • Users decide which content stays and which goes
  • Interesting rss stays
  • Boring rss is removed
  • Rss ranked as good moves up the list
  • Rss ranked as boring moves down the list until they fade

Read and browse your favorite content in the web
Save articles and rss channels to your Personalized list
Rate channels - this keeps the good stuff and
removes the bad stuff
Share your favorite stories and recommend rss channels to
your friends via facebook, twitter, and email

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Amazon Appstore for Android
Develop by Zohar Adar, Contact: info@portalphone.co.il